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Trial of XTi PAWS on Redleg Partridge growth and egg production
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August 21, 2021

Trial of XTi PAWS on Redleg Partridge growth and egg production, 6/2020 – 8/2021

Internal XTi Trial

Conclusion: Exposure of Redleg Partridge (Alectoris rufa) to XTi’s pulsed alternating wavelength system (PAWS) resulted in improved egg production and sustained bird size with overall improvement in bird aggression.

Study Objective:

  • To evaluate the effect of XTi PAWS on growth and production of wild game birds, specifically Redleg Partridge


  • Previous XTi trials on layer hens showed accelerated bird growth and improved egg production.
  • Game birds generally lay 1-2 clutches of eggs in the wild. Egg production is very dependent on seasonality and light exposure.


  • The study was conducted at XTi’s research facility in northern Colorado.
  • 150 Redleg Partridge (Alectoris rufa) chicks were obtained from a commercial producer. The birds were placed into 6 tents. Five tents had XTi “recipes”, the 6th tent was a control. Tents were set up for either 17hrs or 24hrs of light per day. The control tent used a ramped lighting schedule as recommended by the commercial producer.
  • Due to aggression/cannibalism, birds in 1 XTi tent were separated into 3 tents and the recipe was changed. This eliminated all further aggression.
  • At 19 weeks of age, birds were moved to 6 lay cages. 9 birds were placed in each cage.
  • Bird weight and egg production was collected until the birds were 59 weeks old
  • Birds were kept in commercial gamebird battery cages and fed standard gamebird feed.


  • Select XTi recipes showed a significant increase in production relative to the control birds.
  • This improved production was seen over the length of the 59 week trial.
  • Not all XTi recipes were effective for egg production. Birds were very sensitive to light inputs.
  • XTi bird weights were not inferior to control birds. There was no decline in bird weight or negative impact on bird health despite increased egg production.


  • XTi recipes had previously been shown to improve bird growth and egg production. These same benefits were seen in the game birds as well on an initial study. Egg production was improved under XTi lighting without negative outcomes.
  • Further study with additional XTi recipes are needed.
  • Animal behavior under almost all XTi lighting was improved. Overall, much less aggression was noted in the XTi tents/cages.
  • This trial showed that XTi lighting can have a huge impact on poultry production and animal behavior.
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