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At XTi Technologies, we stand at the vanguard of biotechnological innovation, dedicated to revolutionizing the way we understand and interact with the biological world. Our pioneering approach encompasses the vast spectrum of life, encompassing human health, animal wellbeing, and plant sciences.

Our Technological Heartbeat

Central to our mission is the groundbreaking pulsed alternating wavelength technology, backed by 65 patents. This cutting-edge innovation is reshaping our approach across various domains, offering new vistas in the realms of human, animal, and plant biology. It's not just technology; it's a new language of life.

Our Story


Daren Suntych

XTi CEO / CoFounder

Daren Suntych, CEO of XTi, is a pioneer in pulsed alternative wavelengths, a biotechnology field he entered during his graduate study in Laser Photoacoustics at the University of Wyoming. His work led to the co-founding of XTi, a technology utilizing light to influence biological outcomes. In 12 years, XTi has secured 65 patents (with 55 pending) and developed effective pulsed wave formulas under his guidance. These innovations have improved plant growth, increased poultry egg production, and helped alleviate Parkinson's symptoms, demonstrating their significant global health impact.


Jason Suntych

XTi COO / EVP / CoFounder

Jason Suntych is the Co-founder and COO of Xiant Technologies, a company established in 2014 specializing in biolighting technology for plants and animals, including poultry, beef, dairy, and human applications. Suntych has been instrumental in securing funding and fostering research, enabling partnerships, and go-to market motion. Previously, he was the COO of National Analytics and a fixed income specialist in the finance sector with multiple banks for a decade.

Achievements and Milestones

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    Establshed 2014

    Founded by Daren Suntych and brother Jason Suntych, XTi was founded in 2014 and has headquarters Greeley, CO.

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    Sept 2014, First Patent

    For the last 12 years, XTi has spent millions in research and devlopment and and now maintains over 65 issued patents and over 55 pending patents.

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    2014, Plant R&D Begins

    Focus on safe and sustainable techniques to support commercial agricultural producers who are facing many challenges.

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    2016, Poultry R&D Begins

    Utilizing PAWS to increase livability of birds, reduce their stress while improving profitability and feed conversion for producers.

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    2017, Dairy Cattle R&D Begins

    Aim to decreased incidence of dystocia, reduce hypocalcemia and mastitis while increasing milk production, milk fat and rumination.

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    2017, Human Application R&D

    Exploring pulsed light therapy that creates a specific biological response by delivering light directly through the eyes.

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    2018, Performance Equine R&D

    Developing the first performance animal lighting system proven to reduce anxiety, improve performance and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

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    2021, Beef Cattle R&D Begins

    Goals to increase sustainability, decreased antibiotic use, reduction of stress and livability of livestock.

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    2021, USDA Research

    We are proud to conduct research with the United States Department of Agriculture.

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    2023, Go-to Market

    After 12 years of research & development, we were proud to release our LUMAN, BLAZE & AGRI product lines to the market.

Transforming Light, Understanding Life

At the heart of our company lies a deep-rooted belief that innovation should not only advance technology but also enrich lives. As founders and brothers, we are committed to creating products that bridge the gap between possibility and reality, focusing on practical solutions that have a meaningful impact. Our philosophy is grounded in the principle of sustainable progress, where each product we develop contributes positively to both society and the environment. We strive to blend cutting-edge research, customer insights, and innovative practices to deliver products that are not just revolutionary in their field, but also resonate with the needs and values of our global community. Our journey is one of continuous exploration, learning, and growth, driven by the passion to make a lasting difference in the world.


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