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World's first pulsed light therapy device
How It Works
Instructions (PDF)

Product Overview

Pulsed alternating wavelength light therapy is a non-invasive treatment method that uses specific wavelengths of light in a pulsed manner to target various health concerns. This therapy employs light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to deliver light energy to your body through the eyes and brain, stimulating natural healing and rejuvenation processes.

Pulsed alternating light therapy works by shining alternating wavelength light at certain wavelengths (or colors) into the eyes. This light goes into the retina and our brain center at different levels. Inside the body, these light waves get absorbed and start natural processes, like making more natural hormones. The light pulsed in a special way to make these effects even better, ensuring the light energy is used really effectively.

XTi pulsed alternating wavelength light therapy devices are designed with several key features:

  • Multiple Wavelength Settings: Allows for treatment of various conditions by emitting different wavelengths of light in rapid succession.
  • Pulsed Light Delivery: Offers controlled exposure to light, enhancing treatment efficacy and safety through human and animal eyes.
  • Ergonomic Design: Ensures easy handling and adaptability to most common light sockets.
  • Safety Features: 100% human retina safe as validated by ETL and UL certifications.
  • Portable: Makes it easy to take on the go and remain consistent.

Benefits and Effectiveness

Potential benefits of our biotechnology and pulsed alternating wavelength light therapy include:

  • Sleep Quality: May increase your overall sleep quality.
  • Pain Reduction: Can alleviate pain and inflammation in conditions like arthritis or muscle soreness.
  • Accelerated Healing: Aids in faster healing of wounds and injuries.
  • Improved Circulation: Enhances blood flow, promoting overall skin health.
  • Reduced Inflammation: Aids in reducing key inflammatory responses.
  • Mental Well-being: Some wavelengths can have a positive effect on mood, focus and performance patterns.

Results can vary depending on the individual and the condition being treated. Generally, users may start to notice improvements within a few days or weeks of consistent use. For certain conditions, benefits may be observed more quickly. Consistency in use is a key factor.

Yes, numerous clinical studies have supported the effectiveness of pulsed alternating wavelength light therapy. The research also highlights the safety and minimal side effects of this therapy when used as directed.

Usage and Applications

XTi PULSE Sleep/Recovery And Perform Lights Are Unlike Other Light Therapy.

XTi PULSE’s technology works best by absorption of light information through the eyes, not the skin. It is imperative that the user looks at the light to maximize its results. Looking down at a book, phone, ipad etc. is not recommended as the light is not being directed at the eyes.

Current research shows that using the Sleep/Recovery light will increase melatonin by up to 500% boosting the immune response, decreasing inflammation, reducing anxiety and improving mood. Additionally, research shows that utilizing the lamp before bed time will increase REM and blood oxygen levels during sleep. The Performance light has been shown to increase bone density and protein synthesis.

Be patient, It may take time for the results of XTi PULSE to become apparent. If you use the light throughout the night and find that the light is distracting to sleep, we recommend a lamp with a timer that will turn off after a set time.

Objective: The following protocols are designed to optimize performance using the XTi PULSE Sleep/Recovery light and Perform light. The protocol includes daily utilization of the Sleep/Recovery light prior to bed and the use of the Perform light during pre-workout. The times shown below are minimums. Many people use the Sleep/Recovery light all day and all night, while using the Perform light for hours prior to exercise. In general, the more you use the light the better its results.

It is important to understand that` melatonin produced by the human body does not cause tiredness that is associated with taking of external melatonin. You will wake up refreshed.

Light Must Be Pointed At The Eyes.

Users should adhere to the recommended minimum duration of light exposure. While it is recommended that users use both the XTi PULSE Sleep/Recovery and the XTi PULSE Perform lamps together it is ok to just use either lamp individually without using the other.

The light intensity is very important. It is recommended that the light be placed between 3 and 6 feet from the user and at no more than a 45 degree angle.

XTi PULSE Sleep/Recovery and the XTi PULSE Perform only works if users directly see the light. The light can be in your peripheral vision but cannot be reflected light. It is recommended that if using an iPhone or iPad, that users turn on night shift mode under display & brightness in order to reduce the static blue light negative effects.

Yes, at XTi, we’ve made this simple for you. Each product is formulated to reach different benefits based on its application.

  • For the REST Product, we recommend using at least 30-60 minutes per day before you sleep or when you want to feel more calm. Important information: It’s best to position the light source 3-6 feet away from your eyes and between 0-45 degree angle. Our technology is absorbed safely through your eyes, have them open and able to see the light.
  • For the PERFORM Product, use the light 30 minutes pre and post workout. Important information: It’s best to position the light source 3-6 feet away from your eyes and between 0-45 degree angle. Our technology is absorbed safely through your eyes, have them open and able to see the light.
  • There is no maximum time limit on either product.
  • All of our products have been certified to be 100% safe, drug-free, and non-invasive by certifying organizations like ETL.

Yes, pulsed alternating wavelength light therapy is suitable for both short-term (acute) and long-term (chronic) conditions. It helps quickly with recent injuries and effectively manages ongoing issues like joint pain or inflammation over time. Additionally, for chronic pain, we recommend strongly to consult with a healthcare professional for guidance on managing and using this product, especially for more serious or long-term conditions. Your safety and well-being is our primary concern.

Safety and Precautions

Absolutely! Our certifications demonstrate it is safe for the eyes, skin, and non-invasive.

Because XTi products are the latest innovative technology and have been certified to be 100% safe, we haven’t seen any issues with various eye color, skin tones, or more. It’s always advised to consult your doctor if you have specific precautions or health concerns.

This therapy can often be combined with other treatments or medications, but it's essential to consult a healthcare provider first when you have specific conditions or treatment plans.

Device Specifications and Compatibility

Product Height 5.25” Tall
Product Weight 7.9 oz.
Product Bulb 3.7” Diameter
Edison Screw E26/27 Base
Power Consumption 120/240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
Energy Consumption Between 1.4 W - 2.5W

Based on our research and development, combined with practical users, we don’t see any issues across different skin types or tones. We have found skin improvements where inflammation exists.

The biological technology works by penetrating through your eyes (retina) and brain into your body. To use it effectively, maintain a distance of 3-6 feet from the light when turned on, and keep the angle of the light source about 45 degrees with direct access to your eyes. Do not have it behind you, pointing to the sky or ground. Your eyes need to have a direct line to the light source. The product is 100% safe to your eyes.

You plug the device into any standard E26/E27 lamp socket. Gently twist the bulb into the socket until it's snug. Check out our video at the top of this page.

Yes, below is a short list of products you can find on Amazon. Check your product specifications to ensure these can serve your personal needs. Here are a few we’ve used:

Maintenance and Care

Clean it like you would any technology device. Use a microfiber cloth and gently dust it off when you see it dirty from use or travel. If you get it super dirty, use a clean washcloth with some water. Do not submerge the product in water.

No accessories at this time. If you need a lamp to hold the light, we suggest checking the size and dimensions and purchase a lamp that will fit.

We guarantee the product for two years from the date of purchase. If you aren’t satisfied with the product in good condition after 60 days, we will give you a full refund.

User Experience and Troubleshooting

The device feels calming and unobtrusive. You won’t feel any heat, or strain your eyes. It feels like a natural part of your routine.

Discontinue immediate use. Please email us and document what you felt, how it happened and other details so we can troubleshoot with you.

We have provided a quick How to Get Started guide that you can download here.

  • My light doesn’t turn on: If you plug it in, turn on the lamp switch, and no light illuminates, we may need to replace it and ask you to contact us with your name, details, and product serial number.
  • Impact: It’s key to be consistent and you should start noticing health benefits within 2 weeks. If you wear an Apple Watch, Oura Ring, or Whoop device, start looking at your health data to see how your data points are changing.

Clinical, High-Performance and Professional Use

Customer Support and Training

Contact us through our email at info@xiantinc.com. We are here to help!

Yes, each product comes with a user manual and the most common questions can be found here in the FAQs or How to Use video at the top of this page.

Not yet, but we have it on our own roadmap for next year. We encourage our community to engage, share, and message through our social media channels.

Pricing and Ordering

It’s $299 plus shipping and tax.

We don’t have a trial period. We guarantee the product for two years from the date of purchase. If you aren’t satisfied with the product in good condition after 60 days, we will give you a full refund.

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