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XTi LUMAN Series

Help your patients elevate their sleep quality and optimize pain management with advanced pulsed alternating wavelength solutions

LUMAN Sleep/Recover
Promotes quicker recovery and quality rest for improved well-being and performance. Wake up refreshed and revitalized.
LUMAN Perform
Boosts cognitive function and performance, enhances focus, and optimizes routines. Ideal for improved productivity and resilience.


Discover the transformative experiences of real users who've seen remarkable results with our products.


"I have been using the XTi Luman sleep light for approximately 16 months now. I would suggest this light to anyone who wants a better night's sleep without introducing any chemicals into your body. It really is incredible and life changing."

Chris J.

"XTi's technology is great because it doesn't interrupt anything. You just continue on with your day like you normally would. If I'm at my computer for example, I turn on the performance light and it's just shining right there. Our guys recover and continue to perform and we haven't seen those soft tissue injuries that you typically do see."

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Jordan Simmons, CSU

"My chiropractor recommended the red light to help me. I used it and within the first week I started to feel like I had more energy, I was in a better mood and could focus better. I wanted to so thank you for your amazing product."

Leanne R.

Transform Sleep and Boost Performance Naturally

Backed by Science with more than 65 Patents and 12 years of Research across plant, animal and human domains.

It's Safe

Safe for all skin types and tones.


A simple, non-invasive technology.

100% Natural

A guaranteed, drug-free therapy.

Benefits for Clinicians & Practitioners

Being known as an innovative medical practitioner can significantly enhance your ability to attract and retain patients who are seeking cutting-edge treatments and the most current approaches to healthcare at the forefront of science and technology.

Improved patient outcomes

Potential revenue growth

Differentiate your practice

Increase patient trust

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