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Multiple Pilot Studies of XTi PAWS on Algae Lipid Production
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January 8, 2023

Multiple Pilot Studies of XTi PAWS on Algae Lipid Production 2022 – 2023

Internal XTi Trials

Conclusion: Exposure of Chlorella vulgaris algae to XTi’s pulsed alternating wavelength system (PAWS) generally resulted in improved efficiencies (gram of lipid weight/kWh) and increased total lipid weight.

Study Objective:

  • To evaluate the effect of XTi PAWS on production of lipids in Chlorella vulgaris algae.


  • Previous XTi trials have shown a significant increase in vegetative plant growth as well as improved flowering/fruit production under XTi lighting.
  • The goal of these initial pilot studies was to evaluate if XTi lighting could have an impact on lipid production in algae.


  • The studies were conducted at XTi’s research facility in northern Colorado.
  • 4 ft x 2 ft isolated shelving was used to contain XTi and control lighting.
  • Kind LED lights were used as control in all trials.
  • Chlorella vulgaris algae was grown in 1800 cc beakers of water. Aeration was provided to all beakers.
  • XTi and control lights were on 16-18 hours/day per trial protocol.
  • Both XTi and control samples were inoculated with identical amounts of algae to start the trial.
  • Trials were generally allowed to run for 2-3 weeks.
  • Lipid weight was obtained utilizing ethanol, hexane, and a nitrogen blow-down system.
  • A Varioskan Lux microplate reader was used to obtain chlorophyll content and absorbance spectra.


  • XTi recipes generally showed improved efficiencies (gram of lipid/kWh) and increased total lipid weight.
  • The increased lipid weight was not entirely due to increased algae growth; XTi lighting seemed to increase the amount of lipid production per gram of algae grown.
  • Some alteration of chlorophyll content and absorption spectra was seen with XTi lighting as well.


  • Initial pilot studies indicate the possibility of being able to have a significant impact on algae lipid production with the use of XTi lighting.
  • Only 2 different XTi “recipes” have been tried with algae to date. More trials with additional “recipes,” and varying types of algae, are needed to better access the ability of XTi lighting to manipulate lipid production in algae.
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