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Let’s Talk Science

Understanding Chromophores and Light Interaction


The Science of Light and Molecules

Chromophores are molecules in biology that interact with light. They absorb photons and release electrons. These molecules are usually bi-phasic, meaning they react to more than one color and have two states - 'armed' with an electron and 'disarmed'.

XTi’s Process of Light Delivery

Innovative and Efficient Light Utilization through Uber-powerful Pulse Alternating Light Technology Our goal is to make it simple for you to understand what’s happening through our advancements in technology:

  • Initial Electron Release: The first light pulse from PAWS causes chromophores to release electrons.
  • Rapid ‘Re-arming’: A second light pulse of a different wavelength quickly re-arms chromophores with a new electron.
  • The benefits of this process reduces the chromophore's downtime, allowing more efficient light-based information delivery to organisms.

The Role of Light in Organism Reactions

Beyond Natural Light Cycles

Organisms (plants, animals, and humans) react to light in what’s called ‘femtoseconds’ (a trillionth of a second) through photo-chemical reactions. The remarkable result of nature is that each organism is driven by the same source of energy, the sun.

Our proprietary advanced technology uses a combination of near-red, far-red, and blue wavelengths, pulsing hundreds of thousands of times per second in patented formulas, to provide essential information about day length and seasonality. This approach is just as effective as mimicking natural sunlight cycles.


The Shift in Human Light Exposure


From Sunlight to Artificial Environments is Hurting Our Natural Cycles

Humans have evolved under the sun's natural light, which regulates circadian rhythms and sleep-wake cycles. However, with modern lifestyles:

  • More Indoor Living: On average, people now spend 92% of their lives indoors.
  • Increased Screen Time: Young people spend an average of 8 hours per day on screens including TV, Phones, Computers, and everything in between.
  • Resulting in Circadian Disruption: The natural sleep-wake cycle is increasingly disturbed.

Impact of Reduced Natural Light Due to Increased Screen Time and Artificial Sources of Light?

This increased exposure raises concerns about the potential health impacts of prolonged screen time. We are seeing the effect through the increase in all types of diseases that can have devastating effects on our longevity and day to day health.

1. Circadian Rhythm Disruption

Blue Light from Screens: Interferes with natural sleep-wake cycles.

Artificial Lighting: Inadequate for natural sleep-wake cues. Our bodies don’t know what’s daytime or night time and this impacts our natural hormonal cycles.

2. Reduced Melatonin Production

Impact of Blue Light: Suppresses melatonin, affecting sleep quality and health.

3. Vitamin D Deficiency

Less Sun Exposure: Leads to weakened bones and immune issues.

4. Mental Health Effects

Limited Natural Light: Linked to depression and mood disorders.

Screen Use: Raises stress and anxiety levels.

5. Eye Strain and Vision Issues

Screen Focus: Causes digital eye strain and potential long-term vision effects.

6. Behavioral and Cognitive Changes

Excessive Screen Time: Affects attention, social skills, and emotional intelligence.

7. Physical Health Risks

Sedentary Lifestyle: Contributes to obesity and musculoskeletal problems.

Balanced exposure to natural light is crucial to counteract the health challenges posed by increased screen time and artificial environments.

XTi’s advancements bring the benefits of natural light back to your body, mind, and being in a portable, noninvasive line of products that are safe and easy to use at home or on the go. Our goal is to reverse the downside impact of modern day life.


How XTi Technology Works


Optimizing Human Potential through Light:

  • Targeting Wavelengths: XTI light technology uses specific light wavelengths to influence brain functions like sleep, mood, and alertness.
  • Adjusting Intensities: By controlling light intensity, we can further enhance brain activity and well-being.
  • Modifying Frequencies: We’ve discovered that alternating and changing light frequencies helps in brain entrainment, improving cognitive functions and relaxation.

Our Advanced Methodologies are Unlocking Light's Potential. XTI's pioneering approach in manipulating light wavelength, intensity, and frequency offers a revolutionary way to improve various aspects of human and animal health productivity through a variety of products and solutions.

Our work continues!

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