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Trial of XTi PAWS on Bovan layer hen production and growth
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September 20, 2019

Trial of XTi PAWS on Bovan layer hen production and growth, 5/2018 – 9/2019

Internal XTi Trial

Conclusion: Exposure of Bovan laying hens to XTi’s pulsed alternating wavelength system (PAWS) resulted in faster bird growth, earlier onset of maximal egg production, and prolonged egg production compared to the control and Bovan breed standard.

Study Objective:

  • To evaluate the effect of XTi PAWS on growth and production of Bovan layer hens.


  • Previous studies on Hy-line W36 layer hens showed improved bird growth, egg production, and egg size distribution under XTi lighting.
  • The study was designed to see if previously noted effects of XTi lighting was applicable to other layer breeds.


  • The study was conducted at XTi’s research facility in northern Colorado.
  • 301 Bovan layer pullets were obtained from a supplier at day 2. The birds were placed into 17 pullet boxes. Pullets were placed under either XTi lighting or control lighting.
  • XTi lighting was set for either 17hrs or 24hrs of light. Control lighting was set at 17hrs of light per industry standard.
  • Birds were started on “grow” light recipes and changed to “lay” light recipes at week 13.
  • Data was collected until birds were 72wks old.
  • Birds were kept in commercial battery cages and fed standard 18% lay feed.


  • Birds under XTi grow recipes (24hrs) showed a 17% increase in weight over the Bovan breed standard at 13 wks.
  • Different XTi “recipes” result in different growth increases.
  • Both 17hr and 24hr XTi lighting exceeded breed standard growth.
  • XTi lighting consistently reached maximal production 2-3 weeks earlier than breed standard.
  • XTi lit birds were able to maintain high production rates significantly longer than the breed standard.
  • Egg case weights of XTi lit birds increased early and remained steady throughout the trial period.


  • XTI lighting can speed up early bird growth and sexual maturity.
  • Early growth and maturity allows for early maximal egg production.
  • Bird weight and growth patterns can be manipulated by light inputs.
  • Early production and slower decline in late production adds significant “area under the curve” that has a significant financial implication for producers.
  • No negative health outcomes were noted for the birds.
  • Animal behavior under XTi lighting is consistently improved: calmer, easier to handle birds.