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Discover the Power of Pulse Alternating Wavelength Biolight Technology
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Evolutionary Light Therapy for Modern Wellbeing

XTi’s Sleep/Recover product reconnects you with the healing power of natural light, countering the health issues from indoor and digital lifestyles. By mimicking the sun's evolutionary cues, it addresses hormonal imbalances and reduces risks of inflammatory and neurological diseases. Our technology channels visible light from your eyes to your brain, enhancing traditional therapies and promoting systemic health and wellbeing the way your body was designed to receive it.

XTi PULSE Sleep/Recover
Recover at your best, sharpen your focus, foster positivity and optimize your hormonal balance.

Why XTi BioLights?

More Quality Sleep

Our science-backed biolight products harness the natural power of advanced light technologies to promote better sleep quality. This helps in achieving a deeper sleep state, aiding in significant improvement in your daily energy levels and mood.

100% Safe, Drug-Free

Embrace a natural approach to better sleep with XTi’s PAL technology. Our products provide a non-invasive, drug-free alternative to traditional sleep aids, ensuring you achieve restful sleep without the side effects of medications.

Proven Benefits

XTi technology has been refined through years of research and development to help reduce sleep disturbances, ease the process of falling asleep, and ensure you spend more time in the restorative phases of sleep.

Transform your Sleep Experience

For those struggling with sleep quality, rest, and recovery, XTi Biotechnology brings you a breakthrough solution that can change the way you sleep forever. Our Pulse Alternating Wavelength Light technology is designed to help you achieve the deep, restorative sleep your body needs.

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