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The world's first safe pulsed alternating wavelength light
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We're exceptionally proud of our team and are excited about the opportunities this certification will open for our customers and partners.


We're exceptionally proud of our team and are excited about the opportunities this certification will open for our customers and partners.

Introducing LUMAN

Harness your potential for health and longevity

The most advanced pulsed alternating wavelength technology to date.

How It Works

Unlimited Benefits, Guaranteed

Sleep Enhancement

Improves sleep quality, vital for recovery and performance.

Preventive Care

Lowers the risk of injuries and prepares you for stronger activities.

Muscle & Joint Recovery

Accelerates the healing and recovery process of muscle tissues and joints.

Injury Management

Reduces inflammation, alleviates pain, and speeds up recovery from injuries.

Performance Enhancement

Boosts muscle endurance and strength, crucial for life’s toughest tasks.

Portable Convenience

Easy to carry and use, whether at home or on the go, ensuring consistent therapy.

From Our Customers

"I have been using the XTi Luman sleep light for approximately 16 months now. I would suggest this light to anyone who wants a better night's sleep without introducing any chemicals into your body. It really is incredible and life changing."

Chris J.

"I didn’t think the light was helping. Then, miraculously, in about the fourth week, my level of pain was much lower and more tolerable. From that point, going forward, it has continued to subside. I am still using the light on a daily basis and my level of pain is so low that I am no longer even considering surgery."

Michael N.

"My chiropractor recommended the red light to help me. I used it and within the first week I started to feel like I had more energy, I was in a better mood and could focus better. I wanted to so thank you for your amazing product."

Leanne R.

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XTi LUMAN Series

LUMAN Sleep/Recover
Recover at your best, sharpen your focus, foster positivity and optimize your hormonal balance.
LUMAN Perform
Prevent injury, speed up your healing, shorten recovery and enhance your performance.
LUMAN Hair Growth
Increase hair growth and thickness through your own natural biological stimulation of cells.

Transform Sleep and Boost Performance Naturally

Backed by Science with more than 65 Patents

It's Safe

Safe for all skin types and tones.


A simple, non-invasice technology.

100% Natural

A guaranteed, drug-free therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pulsed alternating wavelength light therapy is a non-invasive treatment method that uses specific wavelengths of light in a pulsed manner to target various health concerns. This therapy employs light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to deliver light energy to your body through the eyes and brain, stimulating natural healing and rejuvenation processes.

Absolutely! Our certifications demonstrate it is safe for the eyes, skin, and non-invasive.

Results can vary depending on the individual and the condition being treated. Generally, users may start to notice improvements within a few days or weeks of consistent use. For certain conditions, benefits may be observed more quickly. Consistency in use is a key factor.