XTi Luman™ Sleep / Recovery

Restore Natural Healthy Sleep / Recovery with the Power of Light


XTi Luman™ Sleep / Recovery is the world's first sleep enhancement light backed by over 65 patents and 12 years of research. XTi Luman's™ Sleep Recipe has been shown to mitigate the sleep disrupting effects of blue light and restore a healthy circadian function. 


Light is the most essential tool in optimizing your sleep and Recovery. Bad light can wreak havoc on your sleep, and if left unchecked, is one of leading causes of metabolic disease.  XTi Luman™ Sleep / Recovery uses a patented recipe that pulses light in alternative wavelengths, triggering a biological environment for optimal natural deep sleep. 

Time to sleep and Recover


65 Patents

The only light therapy device to use pulsed alternating wavelengths of light directed through the optic nerve to help you fall asleep faster, stay awake longer and awake alert and refreshed. 

12 years of research

XTi Luman™ is the most advanced light therapy device on the planet with over 12 years of academic and clinical research.

Easy to use

Simply plug your XTi Luman™ into any XTi suggested lamp and improve your performance. It's that simple!
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  • Advanced Sleep Light with over 65 patents

  • Supports optimal circadian rhythm

  • Supports optimal metablic health

  • Healthy natural sleep without prescriptions or supplements

XTi Luman™ Sleep/Recover
XTi Luman™ Sleep/Recover
XTi Luman™ Sleep/Recover
XTi Luman™ Sleep/Recover
XTi Luman™ Sleep/Recover


Asked Questions

What makes XTI Different than traditional Photomiomodulation?

XTI utilizes our patented PAWS system, which delivers a Pulsed Wave of light in specific time intervals to maximize the desired biological outcome. Traditional PBM devices use red light or Near-infrared light to theoretically penetrate the skin and cause a triggered response. The exact mechanisms of PBM are not completely understood, but most believe that traditional redlight devices act on the mitochondria. Your XTI light uses specific patterns of light, which we call recipes, to optimize your body's natural ability to sleep, recover and heal.

Why don’t I see the lights flashing?

XTI lights use a patented nano flash system that can’t be seen by the human eye.

What do I plug my light into?

Your new XTI light will fit into any 120v lamp. We recommend putting your new lamp and light next to your bed.

How do I use my light?

Simply screw your light into any 120v lamp and you are ready to begin illuminating the rhythm of life. To help optimize sleep, we recommend placing your light next to your bed and turning it on for 30 minutes prior to sleep. 5 minutes under the light during the day can also help with joint discomfort.

How long do I have to use my XTI light before it works?

XTI Technology supports your body’s natural biorhythms. Most people can feel the benefits within 30 minutes; however, it is best to utilize your light for 7 days to feel the full effect.

If I use my XTI light during the day, will I get sleepy?

XTI lights support the bodies natural melatonin production. By using the light during the day for just a few minutes, you can support a natural decrease in Cortisol levels (the stress chemical) which can help you relax without making you sleepy or groggy. Also, our light has been shown to help with joint discomfort. 5 minutes under the light during the day will help restore a sense of calm without making you groggy.

Can I keep my XTI light on while I sleep?

Yes. Sleep disturbances come in many forms. Some have trouble falling asleep, some have trouble staying asleep. By keeping your light on during the night, you can support your body’s natural ability to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Do I need protective eyewear?

While other PBM devices suggest that you cover your eyes, you XTI light is designed to work with your eyes to improve your natural biorhythms and create a desired biological response. We do suggest that you avoid staring directly into your light for the first few days until your eyes get use to your new light.

Are there any contraindications?

XTI has years of research to support the benefits of the PAWS system. Like any therapy or intervention, XTI might not be for everyone. We suggest checking with your medical professional before using any such device.

Can I overuse my XTI light?

The human body is amazingly adept at becoming tolerant of anything, including your new XTI light. To avoid this, we suggest taking a 72-hour break from your device every 30 days. This break ensures you continue to enjoy the desired response from your light for decades to come. 

  • If you haven’t found the answer you need, email us at support@xiantinc.com

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