Systemic Light Therapy
Delivered Through the Eyes

The 1st and only patented pulsed light therapy device that creates a specific biological response by delivering light direct through the eyes 
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We are not red light therapy

The first and only patented pulsed light therapy device that creates a specific biological response by delivering light directly through the eyes
Illuminate your potential! 
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Increased Melatonin Production

Better Sleep

Improved Athletic Recovery

Increased REM Sleep

Acute Pain Reduction

Weight Loss

Improved Muscle Mass

Improved Bone Density

Better Metabolic Health

People rely on specific wavelengths of light from the sun
 for natural hormone creation
On average, humans spend 92% of their lives indoors deprived of natural circadian rhythm inducing information from the sun, leading to sleep disruption and many other health problems. More than 50-70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders and the toll that lack of sleep can have on the body and brain.

Utilizing light, only in the visible spectrum, XTi safely targets the specific molecules responsible for receiving light and giving off electrons to the underlying biology. This signals your body to naturally regulate its own beneficial hormones which result in improved sleep, anxiety, performance, and health.


XTi is naturally illuminating the rhythm of life. Our patented pulsed alternating wavelength system (PAWS™) carefully orchestrates the delivery of precise patterns and wavelengths of visible light via specialized LED lighting fixtures for human, plant, and animal use. Light is emitted in short streams where the wavelengths of the light alternate rapidly between different colors and intensities. However, to the human eye most flashing is not visible. The pulses are  200+ times faster than people can sense. XTi utilizes proprietary "recipes", to elicit specific beneficial biologic responses.

Light Malnutrition

The human body is finely tuned to the natural rhythms of the sun. In today’s predominantly indoor lifestyle, surrounded by artificial white light fixtures and constant electronic screen exposure, it is easy to understand how we can suffer from light malnutrition. Our circadian rhythm helps regulate hormone production, metabolism, and immune function, among other vital processes. When this delicate balance is disrupted, it can lead to sleep disorders, mood disturbances, decreased cognitive performance, and even increased risk of chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.
How light is used other than in vision

The optic nerves, responsible for transmitting visual information to the brain, possess a fascinating characteristic that extends beyond their role in vision. A segment of these nerves branch off and attach to the superchiasmatic nucleus at the bottom of the hypothalamus.  Responding to light, these nerves directly influence essential endocrine control centers such as the pineal, hypothalamus, and pituitary glands triggering various natural physiological responses. read more here.

Our lights are programmed specifically to maximize targeted biological responses. The Sleep / Recovery light is used to improve relaxation, reduce anxiety, and increase sleep quality. Studies show that utilizing the Sleep / Recovery lamp will increase your amount of REM along with increased blood oxygen % during sleep. Long term use of the lamp can decrease inflammation and reduce chronic pain. The new Performance light, when used before workouts, has been shown to increase bone density and lean muscle mass.

How to use the Light

XTi Luman Sleep/Recovery and Perform lights are unlike other light therapy.

XTi Luman’s™ technology works best by absorption of light information through the eyes, not the skin.  It is imperative that the user looks at the light to maximize its results. Looking down at a book, phone, ipad etc. is not recommended as the light is not being directed at the eyes.   

Current research shows that using the Sleep/Recovery light will increase melatonin boosting the immune response, decreasing inflammation, reducing anxiety and improving mood. Additionally, research shows that utilizing the lamp before bed time will increase REM and blood oxygen levels during sleep. The Performance light has been shown to increase bone density and protein synthesis.
Be patient, It may take time for the results of XTi Luman™ to become apparent. If you use the light throughout the night and find that the light is distracting to sleep, we recommend a lamp with a timer that will turn off after a set time.

Objective: The following protocols are designed to optimize performance using the XTi Luman™ Sleep/Recovery light and Perform light. The protocol includes daily utilization of the Sleep/Recovery light prior to bed and the use of the Perform light during pre-workout.  The times shown below are minimums. Many people use the Sleep/Recovery light all day and all night, while using the Perform light for hours prior to exercise. In general, the more you use the light the better its results.  

It is important to understand that melatonin produced by the human body does not cause tiredness that is associated with taking of external melatonin. You will wake up refreshed.

Where to Place the Light

Light must be pointed at the eyes

Users should adhere to the recommended minimum duration of light exposure.
While it is recommended that users use both the XTi Luman™ Sleep/Recovery and the XTi Luman™ Perform lamps together it is ok to just use either lamp individually without using the other.

The light intensity is very important. It is recommended that the light be placed between 3 and 6 feet from the user and at no more than a 45 degree angle. 
XTi Luman™ Sleep/Recovery and the XTi Luman™ Perform only works if users directly see the light.  The light can be in your peripheral vision but cannot be reflected light. It is recommended that if using an iPhone or iPad, that users turn on night shift mode under display & brightness in order to reduce the static blue light negative effects.

Basic Protocol

Basic Protocol Steps:

1. Daily Sleep/Recover Light Use:  Users should use the XTi Luman™ Sleep/Recover light for a minimum of 45 minutes every night before bed.  Light needs to be placed within 3-6 feet of the face and user needs to have a direct line of sight to the light.  
This should be done in a dark and quiet environment to enhance relaxation and promote better sleep quality. For maximum effect, users should avoid exposure to blue light from cell phones and TV’s 60 minutes prior to bed.  

2. Perform Light Use (Optional):  Users should use the XTi Luman™ Perform light for a minimum of 30 minutes directly prior to exercise and during training. It is recommended that exercise and training take place within 30 minutes of completing the Perform light session. Current research shows increased strain and often improved PRs along with benefits to both bone density and improved muscle protein synthesis.  
3. Post workout use of XTi Luman Sleep/Recovery light for recovery. Users should use the XTi Luman Sleep/Recovery light as soon as possible after a workout. The light should be used for a minimum of 30 minutes. Research shows that this increases melatonin levels and reduces inflammation, speeding recovery.

Additional Recommendations

Wearable Device Recommended:

  • It is highly recommended that users utilize a wearable device such as Whoop, Fitbit, Apple watch or the equivalent prior to starting with the Light therapy as a baseline and to track your progress. In general, if you are not seeing results, it is recommended that you increase the duration of light use. We are certain that with consistent use you will see benefits. However, if for some reason you are unhappy with the XTI Luman™ please return it within 60 days for a full refund.
  • Users should consult with a healthcare professional to ensure they do not have any contradictions or specific requirements regarding light therapy. It is not recommended to use the light while pregnant.  
  • It is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines for using the XTi Luman™ devices. 
  • Users should maintain a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition, hydration, and sufficient rest, in addition to following this protocol. Note: This protocol is a general guideline and may need to be customized or modified based on the individual athlete's needs or specific training regimens. It is advisable to consult with a sports performance specialist or healthcare professional to tailor the protocol to the users' unique requirements.

XTi Luman™ Sleep/Recover

XTi Luman™ Sleep/Recover is the world's first sleep and recovery light. Using our patented PAWS system, Luman Sleep supports optmial circadian rhythm and inflammation resolution. While typical red light therapy tries to evoke a biological response through the skin, Luman's 12 years of research and multiple clicnial trials have shown that our recipes delivered through the optic nerves create the best biological outcomes. Looking for better sleep and better health? Try XTi Luman™ Sleep!
$299.00 USD
$350.00 USD

XTi Luman™ Perform

XTi Luman™ Perform is the world's only performance enhancement light. By dosing specific patterns of light in alternating wavelengths, Perform primes you for optimal performance. 20-30 minutes of light exposure prior to any activity will elevate your performance, increase lean muscle mass and support greater bone density.

$299.00 USD
$350.00 USD

XTi Luman™ Hair Growth

New Product!  XTi Luman™ Hair Growth lamp is the world's first Hair Growth enhancement lamp designed to work through light absorption in the human eye. XTi Luman's™ Hair Growth Recipe has been shown to increase both hair growth and thickness.
$299.00 USD
$350.00 USD
XTi's LED bulbs are normal Edison socket, screw in light bulbs.  
Below are recommended lamps that work with our bulbs.

Recommended Lamps for using XTI Luman

From Amazon

LEPOWER-Architect-Standing 6ft
ShellKingdom Architect Task Lamp
I have been using the XTi Luman sleep light for approximately 16 months now. I decided to give this a try as I have historically always had trouble falling asleep and sleep very lightly when I do. I had to have a fan running and a noise app going on my phone to even have a chance at a good night's sleep. I had resorted to taking a small portion of a THC Indica gummy every night and a melatonin pill just to shut my brain off. I religiously have worn a Whoop fitness/sleep tracker on my wrist for at least the last 4 years. I have watched my sleep data since day one. Since I started using the XTi light I have seen my amount of time awake, SWS (Deep) sleep, and REM sleep numbers all change by several percentage points. For example, before the XTi light I would average awake time per night of 16% or higher. Now that number averages 10% or less. My REM sleep number hovered around 17% for years before using the light and now I average 23% with many nights pushing 26%. I live in Colorado but have a 2nd home in Arizona. I have never traveled with the light to Arizona and last summer I spent almost 6 weeks without the light. My WHOOP sleep numbers all slid back to pre-light numbers after about 2 weeks. When I returned to Colorado, I returned to my normal sleep numbers within 3 days of sleeping under the light. I have stopped taking any gummies or melatonin supplements completely as I don't need them to fall asleep anymore. I also run the fan on low and don't need a noise machine on. I would suggest this light to anyone who wants a better night's sleep without introducing any chemicals into your body. It really is incredible and life changing.

C Jones

Luman Sleep User

My name is M. Nixon, and I live in Greeley, Colorado. In February, 2022, I started experiencing severe back pain. Over the next several months, it got progressively worse. I had great difficulty functioning on a day to day basis and I also had trouble sleeping. Every time I tried to turn or change positions, the sharp pain would wake me. My family physician referred me to an orthopedic surgeon who referred me to a pain management clinic. Over a period of many months, I had a S1-J injection, two high frequency ablations and an epidural. I even tried dry needling from a chiropractor. The first ablation provided some minor relief, but I still had debilitating pain. None of the other medical procedures provided any help whatsoever. My X-Rays and my MRI revealed many problems. Some of my discs and nerves are compressed, I have two bulging discs and I have severe arthritis in my lower back. All of my non surgical options had been exhausted, so I then arranged an appointment at the office of a neurosurgeon in Ft. Collins where I was told that I need a surgical fusion and a laminectomy. While I was trying to decide if I should have the surgery immediately or wait until after the holidays, I ran into Daren and Jason Suntych. Unbeknownst to me, Daren and Jason are brothers who have been working on light technology since 2008. They have 81 patents world wide on their technology. After they innocently asked me how I was doing, I spent several minutes telling them about all the issues with my back and the magnitude of the pain I was dealing with. After being kind enough and patient enough to listen to all my problems, they told me that they have a light they invented that might be able to help reduce my level of pain. The light that they subsequently gave me is designed to do two things; reduce or eliminate any inflammation in your body and increase your melatonin to help you sleep better. Quite frankly, I was exceptionally skeptical. I couldn’t possibly imagine that a light could help to reduce my pain. I was desperate, however, and more than willing to try anything that might help. After receiving the light I started using it for several hours on a daily basis. For the first two or three weeks, I was discouraged because I didn’t think the light was helping. Then, miraculously, in about the fourth week, my level of pain was much lower and more tolerable. From that point, going forward, it has continued to subside. I am still using the light on a daily basis and my level of pain is so low that I am no longer even considering surgery. I am no longer able to play golf, which I used to do six days a week. Otherwise, however, I am functioning on a very normal basis. I live alone and am totally self-sufficient. The light can’t fix my very serious back problems, but it most definitely eliminated the vast majority of my pain. For that, I will be forever grateful.

M Nixon

Pain Reduction

Since I don’t sleep well, I was interested in knowing how the light would work for me personally but wanted to have an objective way to record and measure my sleep results. 
I purchased a sleep monitoring product (a Whoop) to establish a baseline record of my sleep patterns and the quality of that sleep. With that baseline data, I then started using an XTI Luman light that is customized to enhance sleep quality. I saw an immediate improvement in the number of hours I sleep (without altering the number of hours spent in bed). I also measured improvements in the quality of that sleep (Deep sleep and REM sleep). My number of hours of sleep grew from, on average, approximately 4:30 hours to 5:45 hours; with many nights exceeding 6 hours+. Importantly, improved sleep has made me feel better and more alert during the day.

J Graham

Sleep with Whoop

Terry Cooper, my chiropractor recommended the red light to help me. I used it and within the first week I started to feel like I had more energy, I was in a better mood and could focus better. I wanted to so thank you for your amazing product. Leanne

L. Rehor

Chiropractor recommended

I bought a light from Terri Cooper and want to give you my opinion of it. Quite frankly, it has made a huge improvement in the quality of my life! I’m 71 years old and have arthritis in my spine along with a severe herniated disc. I’m awaiting lumbar surgery right now. My doctor has also recommended an injection for my neck. Since I started using the light 6 weeks ago, I have felt so much better! Of course it hasn’t taken away the pain from the herniated disc, but it has taken away a level of pain that the arthritis was causing. I’m also reconsidering the need for the cervical injection. I’ve always been an active person, but I was to the point of wondering whether I would be able to continue my gardening and house cleaning projects. Now I have much more energy to tackle those projects, and I get them accomplished without having to sit down every so often with a heating pad. I’m also able to prepare meals in the evening without feeling exhausted. Obviously my quality of sleep has improved which has increased my energy level. I always thought that I was sleeping well, but that must not have been the case. The second night that I used the light, I slept 12 hours straight through. I no longer sleep for that long, of course, but I am getting a much better sleep. Needless to say, my outlook on life is much improved! When I purchased this light I had high hopes that it would help me feel better, but I really didn’t expect that it would help me nearly as much as it has. I can give it the highest recommendation possible. Thank you for making it available. 

C Seavey

Chiropractor Recommended

With advanced Parkinson’s disease, I am always looking for ways to improve my quality of life. The XTI Light has been been a game changer for me. I have used it for several months now. It has helped with my anxiety and depression that is common with Parkinson’s. XTI has also given me more strength and energy. My Neurologist and I have also seen improvement in my gait. I highly recommend this product!

Mollie A.

Strength and Energy

As someone who tracks every bit of data I can with my Whoop, I know every night under the Luman drastically improves my sleep. And 20 minutes under the blue light prior to a workout has unlocked performance I didn't know existed. The team at XTi are magicians.

Janna Breslin

Cover Model/Athlete