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The WHO reported the number of people affected by world hunger rose to 828 million in 2021, an increase of 46 million. With global resources dwindling and populations increasing, XTi is committed to combating World Hunger by increasing agricutural outputs. Verticle farming, poultry, feedlot enterprises all show significant increases in yields by using XTi's patented Ag technology. Are you a producer looking to improve yields while decreasing inputs? Do you want to increase sustainability while increasing profits? XTi Ag™ is here to support you.
Our focus is on safe and sustainable techniques that support commercial agricultural producers who are facing the challenge of meeting increasing demand and higher consumer standards. 
Commercial agricultural producers commonly house plants and animals indoors. Current lighting solutions for these environments are often generic, with a limited selection of LED systems mimicking day and night cycles using a one-size-fits-all solution. 
With our technologies, we have found that taking specific wavelengths from natural sunlight patterns and providing them when and how the organism can best use them can engage biological factors that attribute to optimizing growth, yields and energy use, producing healthier and more sustainable growth in both plants and animals. XTi Lighting works in natural sunlight. In-fact PAWS™ lighting is being utilized in outdoor beef feedlots and crossvent barns.  
Cucumbers, Lettuce and Carrots Grow Time = One Month

XTi Ag™ Photoponix - Plant and Algae growth with PAWS Ensuring Food Security for a hungry planet

Our patented pulsed alternating wavelength system (PAWS™) technology carefully orchestrates precise patterns and wavelengths of visible light via specialized LED lighting fixtures that are wirelessly synchronized.  Light is emitted in short bursts, where the wavelengths of the light alternate rapidly between different colors and intensities. XTi Ag™ utilizes propriatary (recipes), to elicit a specific beneficial biologic responses. As climate change and desertification continue to erode our natural habitats for growing food, XTi Ag™ leads the charge in creating sustainable food for the planet. With over 65 patents and over a decade of research, XTi Ag™ is helping light the way towards Global Food Security. 
XTi Ag™ Grow lights are vastly superior to traditional grow lights. By pulsing alternating wavelengths of light, XTi Ag™ lights work with the natural biology of plants to increase growth rates.

XTi Ag™ -  Illuminating the rythym of life for Poultry, Dairy, Beef, and Hog

As animals are increasingly being housed indoors for food saftey and performance gains, the lighting in the buildings are often put in place for human workers and not for the animals.  This limits the animals ability to receive the natural circadian rhythm information that is provided by the sun.  XTi's PAWS™ precisely provides the lighting information needed to allow the animal to naturally restore that lost information. Hormones are essential to support growth and higher yields but are often artificially synthesized and provided externally. Our synchronized visible light system allows animals to safely create their own hormones through their own natural processes.

XTi Ag™ - Poultry, Ducks, Chukar, and Pheasant

Utilizing PAWSV, XTi will..
  • Increase livability of birds along with improved behavior.
  • Improve skeletal structure and reduce stress.
  • Increase rate of lay and case weights.
  • Improve egg size distribution.
  • Increase profitability and feed conversion for producers.
  • Increase sustainability.
XTi Ag™ - Dairy Cattle
  • Decreased incidence of dystocia (difficult birthing). 
  • Reduced hypocalcemia 
  • Reduced mastitis 
  • Increased milk production 
  • Increased milk fat
  • Increased rumination 
  • Potential for decreased greenhouse gas emissions and increased sustainability

XTi Ag™ - Feedlot Cattle

  • Increased sustainability via improved feed conversions
  • Improved animal behavior and ease of handling
  • Potential for decreased antibiotic use
  • Potential for reduction of stress and livability of livestock
  • Potential for reduced greenhouse gas emissions and sustainability

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