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XTi Mission

"At XTi Technologies, we are dedicated to advancing human, animal, and plant biology through the development and application of pulsed alternating wavelengths technology. Our commitment to scientific excellence and innovation drives us to constantly push the boundaries of what's possible, in order to unlock new insights and breakthroughs that can benefit everyone. We recognize the vital importance of biology in shaping our world, and we believe that our technology has the potential to transform how light interacts with living systems. 

By harnessing the power of pulsed alternating wavelengths, we aim to enable more accurate and precise understanding of biological processes, leading to better diagnoses, treatments, and outcomes for human and animal health, as well as improved crop yields and sustainability for agriculture. Above all, we are passionate about creating a brighter future for all by leveraging the latest in scientific understanding and technological innovation. We are committed to doing our part in advancing the frontiers of biology and ensuring that our lighting technology contributes to a world that is healthier, more prosperous, and more sustainable for generations to come."

12 Years, 65+ Patents, Endless Possibilities

XTi CEO, Daren Suntych began his work on pulsed alternative wavelengths after finishing his Graduate thesis on Laser Photoacoustics at the University Of Wyoming. 
His work in photoacoustic signal capturing led to the undersatnding that all biology recieves information via light from the sun, eliciting certian bilogical outcomes. 
By pulsing different types of light at rapid intervals, he determined that he could isolate the effects of certain biologacl outcomes, and then concentrate those outcomes through the system called PAWS. And while all biology on this planet is similar, subtle variations in how that biology responds to light is the basis for biological diversity. 
For the last 12 years, XTi has spent millions in research and devlopment and and now maintains over 65 issued patents and over 55 pending patents . As research continued at XTi, Daren, and the team of biologists, chemists, and engineers began to unlock certain pulsed wave formulas, what we call recipes, that could amplify a biological response. 
From increasing the growth rate of plants, to improving egg production in chickens, to reducing tremors in Parkinson's patients, the work that XTi does has universal applications in improving the health of all biology on planet Earth. 

We reached so far

Illuminating the Rhythm of Life
Poultry Birds Lit
5000 Feedlot Cattle
Domestic & Int'l Patents

Innovation and Quality for over 12 Years

XTi is the Global Leader in Biotechnology light applications. While other "Red Light" companies use the same LED bulbs and panels all manufactured in China, XTi has been the leader in light-based biotechnology with innovation in proprietary light hardware and software. With ongoing research into human pharmaceutical applications, food production and animal welfare, XTi has set the bar for what light therapy and intervention can do for all biology on Planet Earth. 
  • Improvement in Food Production

  • Human Optimization and Performance

  • Improved Animal Welfare and Performance