XTi Luman™ Hair Growth

Restore Natural Hair Growth with the Power of Light


XTi Luman™ Hair Growth lamp is the world's first Hair Growth enhancement lamp designed to work through light absorption in the human eye.  backed by over 65  patents and 12 years of research. XTi Luman's™ Hair Growth Recipe has been shown to increase both hair growth and thickness. 

Supliment your bodies needs for Hair Grwoth

It is well known that taking Vitamins such as D3, Biotin (B7), pantothenic acid (B5), and Magnesium can help stimulate natural hair growth.  Light however is often overlooked.  Our Patented technology uses pulsed alternating wavelengths of light that is received through the eyes to stimulate natural hormonal balance in the brain for Hair Growth stimulation.   XTi Luman™ Hair Growth uses a proprietary recipe that pulses Red and Far red light in alternative patterns, triggering a biological environment for optimal natural Hair Growth. 

How does it work?

*Intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (ipRGCs) exhibit several important functions including the circadian photo entrainment, pupillary light reflex, alertness, and phototaxis. Whether ipRGCs regulate other physiological activities is unknown. It has been show that external light stimulation can activate hair follicle stem cells through the eyes via an ipRGC–suprachiasmatic nucleus–nervous circuit. Immediately after ipRGCs are stimulated by light, the systemic sympathetic activities are activated. In skin, the local release of norepinephrine activates hair follicle stem cells. This neural circuit enables prompt communication between peripheral tissues and the external environment. Due to the systemic activation of sympathetic activities, this circuit can also allow for timely responses to external light in other organs. It also highlights a function of ipRGCs in regulating autonomic nervous activity.*  Through the use of PAWs technology,  XTI has unlocked the natural excitation of these ipRGCs to stimulate natural restoration of hair growth in the human body. 

Balanced Natural Hair Growth Stimulation


over 65 Patents

The only light therapy device to use pulsed alternating wavelengths of light directed through the optic nerve to help you restore natural hair growth.

12 years of research

XTi Luman™ is the most advanced light therapy device on the planet with over 12 years of academic and clinical research.

Easy to use

Simply plug your XTi Luman™ into any XTi suggested lamp and improve your performance. It's that simple!

How to use the Light

XTi Luman™ Hair Growth lights are unlike other light therapy.

XTi Luman’s™ technology works best by absorption of light information through the eyes, not the skin.  It is imperative that the user looks at the light to maximize its results. Looking down at a book, phone, ipad etc. is not recommended as the light is not being directed at the eyes.   

Current research shows that using the Hair Growth light will increase melatonin boosting the immune response, decreasing inflammation, reducing anxiety and improving mood. Additionally, research shows that utilizing the lamp before bed time will increase REM and blood oxygen levels during sleep and most importantly increase Hair Growth. 
Be patient, It may take time for the results of XTi Luman™ Hair Growth to become apparent. If you use the light throughout the night and find that the light is distracting to sleep, we recommend a lamp with a timer that will turn off after a set time.

Objective: The following protocols are designed to optimize performance using the XTi Luman™ Hair Growth light. The protocol includes daily utilization of the Hair Growth light prior to bed.  The times shown below are minimums. Many people use the Hair Growth light all day and all night. In general, the more you use the light the better its results.  

It is important to understand that melatonin produced by the human body does not cause tiredness that is associated with taking of external melatonin. You will wake up refreshed.

Where to Place the Light

Light must be pointed at the eyes

Users should adhere to the recommended minimum duration of light exposure.
The light intensity is very important. It is recommended that the light be placed between 3 and 6 feet from the user and at no more than a 45 degree angle. 
XTi Luman™ Hair Growth only works if users directly see the light.  The light can be in your peripheral vision but cannot be reflected light. It is recommended that if using an iPhone or iPad, that users turn on night shift mode under display & brightness in order to reduce the static blue light negative effects.

Basic Protocol

Basic Protocol Steps:

1. Daily Hair Growth Light Use:  Users should use the XTi Luman™ Hair Growth light for a minimum of 45 minutes every night before bed.  Light needs to be placed within 3-6 feet of the face and user needs to have a direct line of sight to the light.  
This should be done in a dark and quiet environment to enhance relaxation and promote better sleep quality. For maximum effect, users should avoid exposure to blue light from cell phones and TV’s 60 minutes prior to bed.    

Additional Recommendations

Wearable Device Recomended:

  • It is highly recommended that users utilize a wearable device such as Whoop, Fitbit, Apple watch or the equivalent prior to starting with the Light therapy as a baseline and to track your progress. In general, if you are not seeing results, it is recommended that you increase the duration of light use. We are certain that with consistent use you will see benefits. However, if for some reason you are unhappy with the XTI Luman™ please return it within 60 days for a full refund.
  • Users should consult with a healthcare professional or to ensure they do not have any contradictions or specific requirements regarding light therapy. It is not recommended to use the light while pregnant.  
  • It is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines for using the XTi Luman™ devices. 
  • Users should maintain a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition, hydration, and sufficient rest, in addition to following this protocol. Note: This protocol is a general guideline and may need to be customized or modified based on the individual athlete's needs or specific training regimens. It is advisable to consult with a sports performance specialist or healthcare professional to tailor the protocol to the users' unique requirements.
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  • Advanced Hair Growth light backed over 65 patents

XTi Luman™ Hair Growth
XTi Luman™ Hair Growth
XTi Luman™ Hair Growth
XTi Luman™ Hair Growth

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Asked Questions

What makes XTI Different than traditional Photomiomodulation?

Utilizing light, only in the visible spectrum, XTi safely targets the specific molecules responsible for receiving light and giving off electrons to the underlying biology. Signaling your body to naturally regulate its own beneficial hormones which result in improved hair growth.

XTi is naturally illuminating the rhythm of life. Our patented pulsed alternating wavelength system (PAWS™) carefully orchestrates the delivery of precise patterns and wavelengths of visible light via specialized LED lighting fixtures for human, plant, and animal use. Light is emitted in short streams where the wavelengths of the light alternate rapidly between different colors and intensities.

Why don’t I see the lights flashing?

Light is emitted in short streams where the wavelengths of the light alternate rapidly between different colors and intensities. However, to the human eye most flashing is not visible. The pulses are 200+ times faster than people can sense.

What do I plug my light into?

Your new XTI light will fit into any 120v-240v Eddison based lamp. Please see a list of recommended lamps above on this page

How long do I have to use my XTI light before it works?

Be patient:  Hair growth is a slow process.  However, with proper vitamin supplements and use of the lights we are confident you will see results.

However, if for some reason you are unhappy with the XTI Luman™ please return it within 60 days for a full refund.

Are there any contradictions?

XTI has years of research to support the benefits of the PAWS system. currently there are no known negative contradictions.  However, like any therapy or intervention, XTI might not be for everyone. We suggest checking with your medical professional before using any such device.

Can I overuse my XTI light?

No.  The more you use it the better the results.  


External light activates hair follicle stem cells through eyes via an ipRGC–SCN–sympathetic neural pathway

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